Massage therapy is not only about pampering and luxury, therapeutic touch is an essential component to a life, where stress and pain are manageable or non-existent.

Massage therapists vary in their style, technique and specialty. Whether you prefer a gentle massage that makes you drift off towards sleep, a therapist who’ll use a comfortable and relaxing medium pressure to work out some of the kinks, or a more clinical approach using techniques that drop deeply into muscles from your neck to your toes, there’s a bodywork specialist just for you at The Body Suite. Our therapists are trained in the major modalities of massage, often a therapist is drawn to a style or technique in which they excel. Your therapist my combine a variety of techniques to achieve results that last beyond your time on the massage table. Whether you have back, neck, shoulder or hip pain; stress, tension or anxiety; numbness, limited motion, stiffness or all of the above – each massage is tailored to meeting your individual needs.


Essential Oils can greatly amplify the healthy benefits of bodywork and skin care. Your therapist will blend a custom potion for you to enhance the benefits of your treatment. Aromatherapy is the ancient practice of using pure Essential Oils to promote health and well-being. Scientific research has revealed the amazing power aromas have to influence our moods and emotions. Essential oils are chemically complex extracts of herbs, flowers, leaves, spices, fruits, roots and woods. Each oil has various benefits for the body, mind and spirit; they offer a natural way to relieve stress, encourage balance and relaxation, increase energy, rejuvenate the body and can facilitate the body’s amazing ability to repair itself.

  • Massage Therapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • The Stress Melter
  • Therapeutic

  • Sporty/Athletic
  • Pre- or Post-Natal
  • Deep Tissue
  • Reflexology

  • The Top & Toe
  • Heads Up
  • Hot Stone Therapy
  • The Suite Treat Package

  • The Ultimate Aroma Wrap
  • Skin Care
  • Tint & Wax
  • Energy, Intuitive Healing

The Stress Melter (gentle): A gentle and flowing touch helps you de-stress and relax while your body regulates circulation, nerves, lymphatic and digestive systems.

Therapeutic (medium-firm): Focus on trouble spots and works out stress, knots, aches and pains combining a variety of techniques using a medium to firmer touch.

Sporty/Athletic (medium-firm): Vigorous pre-event massage helps reduce sports-related injuries by warming, stimulating and preparing muscles and joints for increased activity, while more restful post-sport techniques relieve sore, overworked or injured bodies.

Pre- or Post-Natal (gentle to medium): Relieves strain and stress caused by a changing body, hormonal fluctuations and an unfamiliar center of gravity for moms-to-be. Helps new moms rebalance physically and emotionally after their life and body changing event.

30 min $65

60 min $100

90 min $150

Deep Tissue (firm-extreme): Using advanced techniques, many layers of tissue are worked out to affect deep body composition for relief of chronic or structural problems. Not recommended for the first time massage recipient.

60 min $110

90 min $165

Reflexology: Massage and acupressure on reflex points on the feet and/or hands that link to organs and systems in the body, stimulate the body’s healing forces and sends your extremities on a vacation!

The Top & Toe: Fully clothed or not, with or without oils, it’s a perfect introduction to massage for those who are hesitant to have a full body session.

Heads Up: Warm moist essential-oil-infused towels, Shiatsu points around jaw, brow, cheeks and scalp coax tense muscles to relax, scalp massage and hair stroking help worries and anxiety to evaporate.

30 min $65

60 min $100

Hot Stone Therapy: Using a combination of heated and cold marble, semi-precious crystal and lava stones, tired muscles, stressed minds and disorganized spirits are lulled into harmony and balance, and the circuitry of the body’s meridians and chakras are reconnected as you succumb to skillfully-applied pressure and thermal benefits of the stone massage.

60 min $125

90 min $165

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