"The way to health is to have an aromatic bath and scented massage every day..."

~ Hippocrates

  Day Spa

A Place of Wellness, Healing and PamperTherapy
for the Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit


Located on the Recreation Trail overlooking Monterey Bay within a short and delightful stroll of Monterey Bay Aquarium and many hotels, restaurants, shopping, adventure & recreation areas



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An Important Note From Nell


From September 22nd through October 3rd 2014 I'll be away from the spa for my annual family reunion in the UK.

The office will be covered part-time by your favorite therapists and friends of the spa and, thanks to high-tech gadgets, planning, and an extra couple of days notice (I’ll be in constant contact operating from GMT which is 8 hours ahead of CA time), business will be almost as usual.


Advance bookings will be essential, especially if you have special requests. I recommend contacting us at least a two or three days in advance to give us all time to coordinate and set up your appointment. (If you’re short on time we’ll still do our best anyway!)


Please call 831-375-4375 and leave a detailed message - or even better, email your inquiry to bodysuitedayspa@gmail.com.


Thank you for choosing The Body Suite, all of us on the team always enjoy supporting your healthy lifestyle choices!



The Body Suite Day Spa

Steinbeck Court,

550 Wave Street, Suite # 7, Monterey,  CA   93940

On the Recreation Trail (Lower Level)

T: 831-375-4375,  F: 831-375-5274


    Body Suite Day Spa   

The Body Suite Day Spa, 550 Wave Street, Suite # 7, Monterey,  CA   93940.

T: 831-375-4375, F: 831-375-5274, nell@bodysuite.com

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